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15-Oct-2017 20:12

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Every day these boys cover Adelaide’s biggest stories and everything that matters to the city. 1) Welcome - Port Adelaide loss by 2 points in Geelong 2) Overnight - Gertie from CH7 about murder in Glenelg North.Whether it’s the big story, breaking sports news, or just general fun you’ll hear it on Roo and Ditts. Schapelle Corby returning to Australia this weekend.As they attempt to salvage a future from the apocalypse, they find that their most deadly enemy is not the virus, but other survivors.

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Listen to Roo & Ditts for Breakfast 6-9am weekdays on 104.7 Triple M Adelaide or catch up with the show here. 3) Lawrence Mooney as Big Mal - Needs a nickname 4) Top 5 Things We've Learnt 5) Footy Chat - Port Adelaide losing by 2 points but it was a good game 6) 13 Reason Why TV Show - Ditts about a school not being able to decide what to do 7) Ditts intervention about losing weight after a boys weekend 8) 3 dollars less for ESL - What would you spend 3 dollars on?A café was a natural for Zheng, who began working in her family’s Chinese restaurant when she was 11 years old.

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One of my favorite episodes of “Parks and Recreation” is when the gang goes camping to brainstorm ideas for bringing in more revenue to the department.… continue reading »

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