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Bukharan Jews “Bukharan Jews” is the common appellation for the Jews of Central Asia whose native language is the Jewish dialect of Tajik.

It was first adopted by Russian travelers to Central Asia in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, then, apparently independently, by early 19th-century British and Indian travelers. The total of all Central Asian Jews at the end of the 19th century was probably between 16,000 and 17,000.

This bibliography presents some major publications related to studies of Jews in Central Asia.

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What’s more, Asian representation at all eight of the Ivies has converged on a narrow range.That’s how it was with P., my first Jewish boyfriend, whom I loved and who loved me in equal, unwitting measure.In our universe of two, we might have had many more years ahead of us, but in the real world, we succumbed to the fatal, familial tribalism that dating profiles articulate as “preference.” *** I met P.The term “Bukharan Jew” as a collective designation for “native Jews of Central Asia” (and not for Jews of the city or emirate of Bukhara), was coined only after the conquest of Central Asia by the Russian Empire, following the need to set different legal designations for various Jewish subjects of the empire.

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Although they lived in separate neighborhoods and kept their faith and autonomous communities, Bukharan Jews were well integrated into the Central Asian urban environment.

This natural increase, about 40 percent in eleven years, is to be explained by normalization in the composition of the procreative age group and a general improvement in socioeconomic conditions.

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