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This is something that I was thinking about you for a housewarming present. Kelly: I think he's probably angry and not even aware he's making art.

Kelly: Spike--Spike is a stag beetle from Japan, and Spike is incredible at doing this very delicate beetle art, which you can all agree...[Applause]I just want to know, who puts the magic market in his little claw there? Kelly: Don't you think it's kind of cool, though, if you really look at it? Ryan: So I mean, the beetle must be able to clamp that, balance it, and then run around with it. Ryan: I will receive that happily, so thank you very much.

The word that appears in at least 34%* of island conversations has had an unlikely rise to fame.

Previously reserved for doctors consultancy rooms and Yorkshire grandads, ‘to graft’ has moved on from medical procedures and toiling in fields to mean paying the object of your affections a compliment, usually on their breast or abdominals, or fetching them a coffee, all the name of trying to win them over in the hope of getting to ‘stick it on’ ** later.

In terms of language contribution it is probably the 'ick that will have the most impact.

However, Johnny learns that the book was full of Hugh's least favorite things (most of them scary.) To make matters worse, Lila's boss is coming over for dinner that night and faints.

Johnny sneaks into Lila's car along with Susan and Mary on Take Your Daughter to Work Day, thinking that it's unfair that girls don't have to go to school on this day, but boys do.

The female flight attendant was sitting on a carrier (the metal boxes that contain glasses and such), and the male flight attendant was giving her a back massage with a water bottle.

I told them that a passenger told me they were having sex in the galley, and they looked about as stunned as the excited passenger had been.To not graft is to sit back and what for the grafter to come to you, thus comes about the complicated relationship between grafter and graftee…lost yet? Well in some ways extra is both all of these and none of these. Extra needs not to be quantified, you needn’t be extra at anything, being extra is enough in itself…..jk, extra really means what used to be called over the top.

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