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She was actually at the Dance Masters of America National Convention, running for Junior Miss Dance of America.

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Chapter Fourteen A few days passed and all the girls and boys were working hard on their last day of rehearsal. “They’ll probably be conservative for the group dance.” Melissa added. “I wish she was coming to the competition this weekend.” Christi had another short story about Brooke.

My husband looks up from his comic book, aghast: “They shouldn’t look like women, for f–k’s sake! Thankfully, the team is not rewarded with a trophy for a routine that flirts with the outer edges of child pornography. • Luckily, Abby’s unbeaten champion, 8-year-old Maddie, takes home the crown in the pageant portion of the competition. • Our final bit of drama comes when Holly — who last week expressed concern that her African-American daughter Nia’s “ethnic” dance involved an afro wig, a tight leopard pantsuit, and a song called “My Name Is Laqueefa” (possibly by contestant Shangela) — has another run-in with Abby over the demoralizing language she uses during training for a Bollywood solo.

Holly, who I am pretty sure identifies herself as a school principal (hopefully a school for dolls or other inanimate objects), keeps pointing out the “vicious,” “really mean” treatment that Nia silently accepts, but at no point considers removing her daughter from Abby’s talons or the glare of Lifetime’s cameras.

Nick and Brandon are the abusers and all of the girls are the children.

There are hearts all over them and little drawings.The group dance was perfected and the solos were going good. “We’re starting this over.” Nick sat on the floor, pushing the play button or the pause button when it was necessary. Brooke sat in the middle of the stage, back facing the audience. She said, “I overheard Brooke last night talking to Paige while they were waiting for Brandon to take them home.

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