Harvest moon 64 dating guide

11-Feb-2018 09:17

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Your character should climb the tree and hop off on the mountain.

To get down simply press A where you climbed up the tree and he will hop down.

Faster dialogue Press A or B to scroll the dialogue faster.

Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge Use the following steps to get on top of Moon Mountain without building the bridge.

When you get tired, just get about ten drinks of water from the bartender, then start doing it again.

Note: This is a very slow process that requires patience.

One bag contains enough seeds to harvest 9 different plants.

-Selling Price: This is the price to sell one unit of the possible 9 you can grow from one bag.

The game begins on a farm on this island in the middle of no where, where your Grandpa lived until he recently passed away.Go to the tree behind the construction builder's house (where you get home extensions).Press A on the side of the tree that is closest, or faces, the river.The main part of the game lasts only 3 years, but if you succeed you can play on until your heart's desire.

The game's central story line is exceedingly simple. You are to raise money by growing crops, raising animals [cows, chicken, & sheep] and you are to restore the state of the farm to what it used to be back in the day.Give the Shady Salesman 1000 G at the Flower Festival 3. Throw a large fish into the pond by the Fisherman's tent between 9am and 5pm and Kappa will give you a Power Berry. First, acquire a Marble by planting a combination of Moondrop and Pink Cat Mint Flowers in a total of eight 3 by 3 flower beds.

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