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Here's further explanation on what the columns of our offerings sheet mean: OPEN: coffee has NOT been shipped from origin; destination column shows scheduled shipment month AFLOAT: coffee has been shipped from origin; destination column shows estimated arrival date to our US, EU, or AU warehouse.Origin: The country from which the coffee originates.Especially with the warm muscular body of the young man lying nude next to her.Her nephew Thomas had just turned 18 and she hoped that he would be accepted to the Larraine Institute in the fall, as did her sister Jane.

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When/if it does ever get written I'll be sure to add it! : Continued from Chapter 5 and 6 of this story through this link here. Carrington's eyes opened softly into the morning light.

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Quagmire's father, Dan, comes to Quahog for a visit.… continue reading »

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