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16-Aug-2017 12:07

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"You know, we thought we were going to be completely outed and everything was going to be over basically one week after the first record came out," says one of the six anonymous members of Swedish occult-rock troupe Ghost.

"We're as baffled as anyone that it hasn't happened yet.

Listen Now MP3 Download Message Notes more broadcasts from this series Let’s talk about what the Scripture says are the causes of demonic influence. And then, with unbelievers, possession, where they have absolute control. But what I wanna talk about is, there are pathways to get there. I mean, where I came from, it’s not like, “Are there demons? A spiritual rebellion – When you know exactly what God wants you to do, and you stiff-arm God and say, “I won’t do Your will,” you open the door to demonic influence. That’s probably the number one, middle-class, evangelical Christian sin that opens people up to demonic influence: bitterness, resentment. Could this all be caused just by the logical progression of – You know, I’ve been up for 3 nights. And the moment you do that, based on His work on the cross, and His resurrection, He will come in, you’ll be sealed with the Spirit, you’ll be taken from the kingdom of darkness, and be placed in the Kingdom of light.

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(For identification purposes, he helpfully offers up that he is the band's lead guitarist).What do you do when you suspect someone you know is under demonic influence? Should you do anything at all, or is this kind of thing reserved for the “professionals? here, at Dallas Seminary, he has what he calls a “continuum of demonic influence.” Over here, on this far level of beginning stages, he talks about, first, there is just oppression. Where I came from, “This is how to cast a spell,” and, “Warlocks meet here,” and, “I wanna learn how to channel,” and, “Would you tell me my –” All kinds of babbling. You know, just for laughs.” And they get sucked in that way. They have an issue in their life, and they don’t repent of it, and they don’t deal with it, and they become enslaved to it. Just so you know, there’s biblical basis for how demonic influence can infiltrate not just the life of unbelievers, but believers. Access, association with those in satanic activity . Now, in the New Testament, how do you know if something is demonic? And let me say, there’s a verse behind each one, as we look at these. We’re not saying that something is, always, but obviously, you say, “Okay, let’s evaluate all the physical factors.” When something weird is happening, go to a doctor and get a great physical and make sure it’s not there. I remember a time seeing this – we had a guy demonized, and I was preaching. And at first, we just thought we was drunk – and his eyes were this big – and people started to hold him, and – Bang! For an unbeliever, here’s the first step: Accept Christ. John says, “As many as receive Him” – Jesus – “to him He gives the right to become children of God, as many as call upon His name.” You may be here, at a place like this – maybe your wife wanted you to come, your husband wanted you to come, or your parents invited you, or you invited your parents . So, the first step is in no way to fight demonic spirits.