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For better or worse, there is an overwhelming choice of fonts out there on the internet.You’ll have to choose depending on your project or presentation, what suits your theme and what message you’d like to convey.If your presentation is using a custom font, here is an overview on how to get that font installed on all the main device types – if it is possible to install.Installing a custom font is a simple process on Windows.Apple Mac computers come with a large font selection that you can use with software installed on the computer, such as Microsoft Power Point for Mac.If your business uses a specific font type that you want to include in your Power Point presentations, add the font to the computer, as Power Point does not have a specific method for installing fonts on the Mac.With some presentations, you may not notice a significant difference when changing the theme colors.For example, a textured background will not change when theme colors are changed.

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If you're new to Power Point, you may want to review our lesson on Applying Themes to learn the basics of using themes. If you don't like the colors of a particular theme, it's easy to apply new theme colors; everything else about the theme will remain unchanged.We'll talk about how to customize these in the Slide Master View lesson.